Monday, October 20, 2008

Booking Your Bunny

let us know the type of bunny you want (suit, topless, nude), male/female, date/time service is needed,
and describe the type of bunny you want.
OR feel free to email us with more questions


Dust Bunnies is looking for women and men, all races, tall or short, thick or thin, gay or straight, tattoos, piercings, etc. If you really think you got what it takes to be a Dust Bunny, submit your photo, tell us why you want to become a Dust Bunny and a Dust Bunnies Representative will be in touch with you soon. Photos should reflect the category you are applying for. (i.e. suit, topless, or nude). Shoot us an email @

*** NOW hiring for all of Northern Colorado, Southern Wyoming, Denver, Boulder, Longmont, and Colorado Springs ***


Cleaning Includes: Dusting of mini blinds & base boards.

Regular Rooms: Basic pick up & straightening, dusting, and vacuum.

Bedroom: Basic pick up & straightening, dusting, vacuum, and replace linens.

Kitchen: Wipe down & disinfect counters & sink, wipe down & disinfect outside refrigerator, wipe down & disinfect stove top & front, wipe down & disinfect dishwasher, wipe down & disinfect outside microwave, dust cabinet doors, sweep & mop floor (time permitting).

Bathroom: Wipe down & disinfect counters & sink, wipe down & disinfect bath tub & shower, wipe down & disinfect toilet, clean mirrors, sweep & mop floor (time permitting).

Dust Bunnies cleaning has daytime, evening, weekend, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just whenever appointments available to accommodate almost any one's schedule.


pricing is for 1 hour of erotic house cleaning

bunny suit (top, bottom, ears, & tail) $100

topless bunny (bottom, ears, & tail) $150

nude bunny (ears) $200


The following list of rules must be followed by both parties. You the client, must agree to these rules completely before payment for service is accepted. You must also be aware of the fact that we instruct our staff to leave the premises immediately if these rules are not followed by the client. No refund will be given to the client if the rules are not followed.

The relationship between the bunny and the client will be mutually respectful. There will not be any harassment, foul language, or obscene behavior in the time that the bunny is on the premises.

If at any time, for any reason, the bunny becomes uncomfortable with the situation, they are to leave immediately and contact the office, where the matter will be dealt with further. If it is determined that the clients behavior was inappropriate, no refund will be given.

At no time will there be any physical contact between the bunny and the client. The bunny is there only to clean, and the client is invited to watch, but not touch!

The number of people allowed to be in the home at the time of cleaning is one. This is for the safety of the bunny.

The client is to schedule a specific amount of time for cleaning. The bunnies are to notify the office of both their arrival and departure, this ensures us of the bunnies safety and your satisfaction. The client may request additional time during the scheduled cleaning, if - and only if - the bunny has adequate time in their schedule and it is approved by the office before the scheduled end of the session. Extra time will be billed for immediately.

There will be no minors under the age of 18 on the premises at the time of cleaning.

There will be no offers of "side jobs" to the bunny during the time of your cleaning. The only money that may be exchanged between the client and the bunny will be a cash for the cleaning service. We do not promote, and will not accept responsibility for, payment for services other than cleaning.

Dust Bunnies cleaning is a company that offers a professional house cleaning service, and the bunnies have been trained in their duties. The bunnies will not however, be expected to deal with excessive dirt and grime. They will not be in proper attire for heavy duty cleaning. The bunnies do have the right to refuse service at their own discretion. Your bunny will be happy to clean your kitchen and bath hard surface flooring by hand.


Q. Does Dust Bunnies offer massages or escort services?
A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Dust Bunnies is a professional, full service cleaning company only. No touching will be permitted.

Q. How will my bunny arrive at my home?
A. Your dust bunny will arrive discreetly covered in casual attire, and change quickly into preferred attire.

Q. Can I photograph/videotape my bunny while they clean my home?
A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! The bunny is there to clean your home, they love to be watched, but their privacy should be respected as well.

Q. How do I pay for the service?
A. At this time we are only accepting CASH payments. Payment will be made to the bunny before any work begins. Credit cards will be accepted in the near future. Please, no personal checks.

Q. Will the bunnies really clean my home, or is this more of a novelty?
A. Yes, the bunnies will really clean your home. Dust Bunnies is a professional home cleaning service.